Treadmill Desks and Safety – Some Worthy Precautions

Have you ever watched a YouTube episode of epic fails on a treadmill? If so, do not follow by their examples. Owning and using a workstation treadmill takes common sense and dedication. Here are a few of the basic things to consider, before hitting the treadmill in stride.

Stretch and Cool-Down

Stretching before you use your treadmill work station benefits your body by moving the oxygen properly throughout. This protects your muscles and is the first line of defense towards injuries. When you are finished walking at your normal pace, a nice easy cool-down will help to bring your body and mind back to centering itself.

Locate the Pause and Stop Buttons

Every treadmill will have the PAUSE and STOP buttons on the control panel, as it is required. Be cautious of using the tethered automatic stop, as it can easily fall off the body. A simple push of PAUSE or STOP will have the same effect as if you were to wear the tether itself.

H2O is Your New Best Friend

To keep you well hydrated, ditch the caffeinated beverages and replace them with water. Purchase either a BPA-free plastic, or a stainless-steel, water bottle to keep within reach. If pure water is not satisfying, there are bottles that have a fruit-infuser built right in. This way, it gives it some taste while keeping you properly hydrated.

Can You Hear Me Now?

Using a wireless headset will give you the freedom and flexibility to still answer business calls. This can allow for more privacy amongst you and the caller. It can isolate the conversation from any surrounding noise, including your treadmill.

Prevent Tripping Hazards

Any loose cords or wires need to be properly secured. Ensure that nothing is on or around the treadmill and workstation that may pose a serious threat. Mount any loose odds and ends, to create a relaxing stroll on the treadmill.

Work Shoes vs. Walking Shoes

You want to remain comfortable, while staying within proper work attire. One of the easiest things to quickly switch in and out of are your walking shoes. Have a pair specifically for your office. Keep them there, so that you never have to go without. Be sure that your shoes are not smelling up the office by putting a dusting of baking soda inside of them, ruffle up newspaper or fabric softener sheets between uses, or simply spray them with generic fabric spray.

No Quick Stops

You are in the groove, blasting through paperwork and your schedule is flying by while you are strolling on your treadmill. The last thing you want is for the power go out unexpectedly. A preventative method is to establish a secure electrical outlet, so that the power cord does not fall out.

Overall, maintain a good report with those who work around you. Allow them to feel welcome to grab your attention when necessary, while the treadmill is in use. Be courteous and open to questions, to formulate a harmonious understanding at work.

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