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With the increase in work-from-home scenarios, people have been more and more confined to their working desks. There is rarely any time to work out in the gym or even at home. This has affected the fitness and health condition of most people.

In such a situation, people must find out ways in which they can maintain their health in their limited time. With the advent of technology, there have been many changes that would have seemed impossible in the past.

With the `introduction of under-desk treadmills such as the LifeSpan TR5000-DT3, it is now possible to mix work with fitness.

About the LifeSpan TR5000-DT3

lifespan tr5000-dt3The LifeSpan TR5000-DT3 is one of the most used under-desk treadmills in the market. Equipped with a console to track your speed, it is highly recommended for people who spend most of their time on the desk.

The LifeSpan TR5000-DT3 is built with the famous Intelli-Step technology of Lifespan. This means that the treadmill will automatically stop running if you step down from it. The treadmill also has the Bluetooth feature to sync your activity with the Lifespan fitness tracker application.

The LifeSpan TR5000-DT3 is not only perfect for your home but easy to accommodate in your office space. If you have a desk job, then you can keep the tracker beneath your workspace as well. This way, you can focus on your fitness anytime in your office while doing your work.

The treadmill has a duty motor of 3HP, which can function up to almost 10 hours a day. The LifeSpan TR5000-DT3 is a durable and reliable option for people who wish to maintain their fitness even in the busy schedule.

This heavy-duty under-desk treadmill is also equipped with a self-lubricating belt, which helps the treadmill to run smoothly. It also has a noise level of 49.1 dB, which is moderately low.

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Features of the LifeSpan TR5000-DT3

lifespan tr5000-dt3The LifeSpan TR5000-DT3 is a very durable option along with an attractive design as compared to other under-desk treadmills. With compact dimensions, this treadmill can be fit anywhere with extreme ease.

The height of the treadmill is also low, so that you can have a comfortable position while working on your desk. Equipped with a high mileage belt, the LifeSpan TR5000-DT3 can be used for a long duration without any issues.

With its low noise level, you can now easily use it at your workspace without disturbing others. The treadmill suppresses the mechanical noise as well as walking noise so that you can focus on your work even while using it.

The console present in the LifeSpan TR5000-DT3 helps track the calories you have burnt, the distance traveled the steps, time, and the speed of the belt. This makes it easy to track your activity at all times and not overdo it.

Additional Features

    • Frame Warranty – Lifetime
    • Motor Warranty – 3 Years
    • Parts Warranty – 2 Years
    • Labor Warranty – 1 Year
    • Treadmill Weight – 119 lbs
    • Maximum Weight Capacity – 400 lbs
    • Walking Belt – 20″W x 50″ L
    • Top Speed – 4.0 MPH
    • Dimensions – 63”L x 28.5”W x 7.25”H
    • Horsepower – 3HP
    • Noise Level – 49.1 dB
    • Walking Deck – 1” thick
    • Safety belt markings
    • Compact design for easy fit
    • Console Usage – Distance, time, sped, step count and calories
    • Six impact-absorbing shocks
    • Front wheels to easily roll under the desk
    • High mileage belt for long use
    • Intelli-Guard Technology
    • Quiet operation resulting in low disturbance
    • Affordable price range
  • Great for home and office space

Pros, Cons, and Alternatives to the LifeSpan TR5000-DT3

We would be remiss if we did not mention some of the advantages and potential disadvantages of the LifeSpan TR5000-DT3. No treadmill desk is perfect, and our weight as a source of unbiased treadmill desk product reviews would be in jeopardy if we did not recognize this fact.

As such, below are some pros and cons of the LifeSpan TR5000-DT3. We also have included a few relevant alternatives if this product does not check all the boxes to meet your needs.

Advantages of the LifeSpan TR5000-DT3

  • Almost silent with a noise level of 49.1 dB to avoid disturbance in the work environment.
  • Safety belt markings to enable users to see the motion of the belt due since the treadmill makes almost no noise.
  • Intelli-Guard technology enables so that the treadmill stops as soon as the user steps down.
  • Treadmill resumes function when you step on it again.
  • Tracks calories, speed, time spent, distance, and steps along with syncing it in the Lifespan fitness tracker through Bluetooth feature.
  • It has a compact size, so it slides under most desk spaces without any problems.
  • Safe to use in an environment with pets and kids.

Potential Disadvantages of the LifeSpan TR5000-DT3

  • The LifeSpan TR5000-DT3 does not come with a standing desk in the packing. You would have to buy your own standing desk as required.
  • The console system needs extra space on your desk as it is not embedded in the standing desk.
  • The console is slightly larger as compared to other under-desk treadmill consoles.

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Alternatives to the LifeSpan TR5000-DT3

How We Tested This Treadmill Desk

lifespan tr5000-dt3The LifeSpan TR5000-DT3 came with many amazing features, which made it a good competitor in the category of under-desk treadmills. Promising durability and a low noise level, this treadmill comes with other essential features that are perfect for working professionals.

To check out these features and to know about the actual performance of the LifeSpan TR5000-DT3, we decided to test the product ourselves. Our main aim was to find out if the treadmill performed as promised.

We set up the treadmill in our office and used it for a few days to see if it works according to the features that were mentioned.   

Results of our Testing

The LifeSpan TR5000-DT3 was used by many of our employees from whom we took the feedbacks to see the performance of the machine. Though most of them admitted that it was hard to work as well as use the treadmill in the beginning, they slowly got used to it.

As promised, the LifeSpan TR5000-DT3 was quiet and created no disturbance in the workspace. There was no unease while using the treadmill, and the height gave a comfortable posture while working.

Most people felt that maintaining a low speed would be better while working. The best thing was that the treadmill easily fit under the desk without much hassle. 

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Our Final Verdict on the LifeSpan TR5000-DT3

lifespan tr5000-dt3The LifeSpan TR5000-DT3 is the perfect thing if you wish to maintain your workout routine even in your busy schedule. You can stay fit even without taking out extra time from your day.

Enabling a comfortable position while working, this treadmill will ensure that you can easily work without straining your body. Moreover, the six impact-absorbing shocks eradicate any discomfort to your joints and knees.

Overall, the LifeSpan TR5000-DT3 can be considered a tough competitor in the under-desk treadmill category. Equipped with amazing features, this treadmill is an affordable and smart investment for people who are focused on maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

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