How Long Should You Walk When Working at a Treadmill Desk?

On your mark. Get set. Work! Plenty of people who try the treadmill desks immediately get into a competitive mode. Especially when there is more than one treadmill desk within the workplace.

Utilizing a treadmill desk does not instantly imply that you are trying out for the office Olympics. On the contrary, you want to take your time. Slow and steady creates a productive work day.

Take It Easy

If you have a desire to get up and move, but are a beginner, you want to take it easy. Your body needs time to adjust to this new work life. If you are accustomed to constantly sitting, starting off with one to two hours will be enough. Mind you, these minutes are not consecutive.

Be sure to change it up and stretch before and after. Your treadmill desk schedule should look something like this:

  • Stretch in the afternoon.
  • Ten minutes of work at the treadmill desk.
  • Stretch

Depending on your athletic ability, or lack thereof, times can vary by five minutes. You may need to start with a total of ten minutes for the first day. Meaning five minutes in the morning and five minutes in the afternoon.

If you are advanced, fifteen minutes in the morning and fifteen minutes in the afternoon will be a great starting point. The next day, you can increase each session by five minutes. If you dive right into a hardcore walk, you will quickly speed out of the enjoyment due to muscle pains and frustration.

One Step at a Time

The average treadmill desk user will walk between two – three hours within the work day, four to five days per week. This means that the more you improve, the more that you need to do a mental scan of your body. Taking special care of your feet and ensuring that you have the proper footwear to endure the pace that you have set. Be aware of your arms, as muscles may become sore since they are staying stationary at the desk.

Change your speed in small increments, every so often. Conquer your walk by including an incline challenge. Again, nothing too drastic as you are still at work. Try small climbs, versus staying stagnant with one pace at one level.

Hold Back

As much as you use the treadmill desk, keep in mind that you must remain working. This is not the gym. Excessive sweating means that there is lack of oxygen getting to your brain. This counteracts the original reason why you wanted to use the treadmill desk.

Some perspiration is normal. Be sure to have a change of clothes, and a deodorant stick nearby, just in case. By maintaining a speed between 1.0 to 2.5 mph, you will receive optimal results by properly circulating the oxygen within your body. This allows you to be more productive at work and helps to keep you from sitting for eight hours.

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