GoYouth Treadmill Desk | Top 10 Treadmill Desks for 2023

Shopping for the right treadmill desk can be a challenging yet rewarding experience. The GoYouth Treadmill Desk is an exceptional option among its competitors, offering plenty of features and benefits that set it apart from the rest.

This product review offers a comprehensive look into the specs of this treadmill desk. We’ll provide our own review, go over the pros and cons, and discuss considerations for selecting a quality treadmill desk.

About the GoYouth Treadmill Desk

The GoYouth Treadmill Desk has taken TikTok by storm due to several good reasons. Notably, it features a robust steel frame, a noise-reducing multi-layer belt, and a Bluetooth speaker for you to listen to music while exercising.

The GoYouth Treadmill Desk offers a maximum speed of 6 miles per hour, ideal for those desiring to include a light jog in their workouts. Additionally, the treadmill has a large LED display that shows your time, calories burned, steps taken, speed and distance traveled. Furthermore, it comes with a price tag often under $400, offering great value compared to other treadmills.

Fast Facts and Specs

  • Dimensions: 50.6 x 22.4 inches (128 x 57 centimeters)
  • Maximum Speed: 6 miles per hour (~10 kph)
  • Max Weight: 220 pounds (~100 kg)

Our GoYouth Treadmill Desk Breakdown

The GoYouth Under Desk Electric Treadmill is a compact and lightweight treadmill designed for use in small spaces, such as home offices or apartments. The treadmill is designed to be used under a desk, allowing you to walk or run while you work, and it has a low-profile design that makes it easy to store when not in use.

The treadmill has a speed range of 0.5 to 6 km/h, making it suitable for both walking and running, and it has a maximum weight capacity of 220 pounds. It is equipped with a large LED display that provides real-time feedback on your workout, including speed, time, distance, and calories burned, and it has a safety key that can be removed to immediately stop the treadmill in case of an emergency.

Pros and Cons of GoYouth Treadmill Desk

As with any product, we would be remiss if we didn’t consider both advantages and potential disadvantages. The GoYouth Treadmill Desk is no different. To remain unbiased, I have broken down the pros and cons I found below.


  • This treadmill desk is not only extremely easy to use but is also quite simple to move around when needed.
  • The GoYouth Treadmill Desk offers users a Bluetooth remote.
  • Compared to some other options, it has a far higher max speed.


  • There is no integrated pause button found on the treadmill or remote.

Things to Consider in a Treadmill Desk or Walking Pad

With any walking pad or treadmill desk, there are plenty of things to consider. However, some of the most common considerations with under-desk treadmills are space and size requirements, speed adjustments, maximum walker weight, and extra features. I break these down below.

Space and Size Requirements

When shopping for an under-the-desk treadmill, its size and shape are essential. Take into consideration the weight, dimensions, and foldability of the treadmill – having a model with wheels can make it much simpler to move and store away when not in use.

For optimal usage, these treadmills should be placed on solid floors or low-pile carpets with enough clearance – at least 40 inches behind it, 20 inches on either side and a power outlet nearby.

Speed Adjustments

If you’re looking to stay fit at work, an under-the-desk treadmill could be the perfect solution. With maximum speeds typically below 5 miles per hour, there’s no need to worry about going too fast. In fact, it’s recommended that you keep the speed between 2 and 4 miles per hour so you can stay focused on your computer tasks while walking.

Maximum Walker Weight

Under-the-desk treadmills normally have a lower weight capacity than regular treadmills. The common weight range for the latter is 300 to 325 pounds, while most under-the-desk models can only handle up to 220 pounds.

There are some exceptions that are able to support greater weights, but these are relatively rare.

Extra Features

To get the most out of your workout on a treadmill, consider purchasing one with a remote for easy starting and stopping as well as changing walking speed. Many models also come with digital displays to monitor metrics such as total distance walked.

For safety reasons, it is advisable to search for treadmills that have an automatic shut-off feature in case you step off while the machine is still running. Put together a list of features you need so you can select the best model for your needs.

Final Thoughts on the GoYouth Treadmill Desk

When it comes to selecting the right treadmill desk, the GoYouth Treadmill Desk is a noteworthy choice for many reasons. Ultimately, it depends on your individual needs and preferences to decide if this walking pad fits all of them.

If you are having trouble deciding whether the GoYouth Treadmill Desk is an ideal match for you or not, I highly recommend looking into our in-depth top 10 list to learn about the different options available.

My goal is to help reduce your burden by doing the research and work for you. Nevertheless, everyone has different experiences, so with all the resources here at your disposal, you should be able to pick a treadmill desk that suits your requirements.

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