Treadmill Desk Etiquette

Having a treadmill desk in your office can revive your work time. You feel more energetic, which creates more productivity. The time passes by effectively completing the tasks at hand.

What if someone within the office needs to speak with you? How do you handle yourself when utilizing the treadmill desk? Do they understand how you may react, when responding to them striking up a conversation?

Here are four proper mannerisms, when interacting with those around you.

Made for Walking

If a co-worker comes by, let alone your boss, the last thing you want to do is to ignore them. If they are asking you a quick question, you do not have to remove yourself from the treadmill. Feel free to keep walking, all the while looking at the person who is interacting with you. This way, they are being acknowledged, and you are still maintaining your pace.

Slow Down, or Step Off

If someone needs your full attention, just for a moment, you may want to decrease the tempo. Or, you might just step off for a minute. By straddling the belt, and stepping on the side portion of the treadmill, it can become uncomfortable if holding the position for too long.

If you are a beginner, you may want to temporarily step off the treadmill until you get use to the more tedious tasks. If you are a seasoned pro, you may decrease the speed by .5mph. That small adjustment can make a positive difference for the person that you are speaking with.

A Momentary Pause

Your co-worker comes by to discuss something that needs a few moments of your time, means that you may want to press PAUSE on your treadmill. The last thing that you want is for them to press the PAUSE or STOP button, when you are not expecting for them to do such. Take control of your treadmill and allow for the discussion to take place.

Coming to a Complete Stop

If you know the discussion is going to take more than a few minutes, then stopping the machine will be your best bet. Let them know that you are pausing the machine, so that you may provide them with your undivided attention. This acknowledges them and provides a moment for you to recollect yourself in preparation for a standing or sitting discussion.

Some may be accepting with you remaining on your treadmill desk, as it is not moving. Others may feel uncomfortable, as they have to look up to you to speak with you. Should this become an issue, completely remove yourself from the treadmill. This way, you may create a more welcoming contact level, and the conversation no longer feels intimidating. Remember, when working on the treadmill desk, you do have an additional 6-inches of height advantage.

If the treadmill desk is a new installment within the workplace, be open for discussions. Allow others to try it for themselves. You never know, you may gain some extra treadmill aficionados.

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