About Treadmill Desk Resource

Hey there. My name is John. I run Treadmill Desk Resource as a passion project. I’ve had a treadmill desk walking pad for quite a while, and it took me some time to find the perfect fit for my individual needs.

I’ve owned this domain for several years now, and it has gone through a few iterations until arriving at the site you find yourself on. I hope that these unbiased reviews, comparisons, and guides find you well.

About Zesumme

Treadmill Desk Resource is a Zesumme Web Property.

In its most basic form, Zesumme is a catchall company for web projects started, obtained, rehabilitated, and managed by digital entrepreneur John Bourscheid. These projects are mainly focused on buyer intent, travel and lifestyle, productivity and efficiency, and local services markets.

Below is a list of the current web properties managed by Zesumme.

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